A New Year, A New You, a New Bride!

In the New year we come up with all these great goals and things that we are going to do differently. It’s great to set realistic goals and accomplish them one by one. Something’s may consist of a new career, new exercise program, a new diet or a recent engagement! Once you are engaged the wheels really start turning in every woman’s mind. You start browsing thru magazines and cutting out pictures of the must-haves for your wedding.
You might start looking at color swatches and pick out your favorite colors. Or if you are like me you, cake tasting is first on the list!
Then you start talking to your fiancée occasionally to see if he is even listening to you as you share ideas with him. He gives you a kiss and a smile, then turns the Football or Basketball game he is watching even louder.

This is the time where you put your ideas in a binder and call Adorn! We have qualified staff that know what to do next. BRIDES we want your day to be as special as the dream you imagined of your wedding day. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed with duties and details allow our event consultants and design team to turn your dream into reality!



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